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New security systems keep homeowners plugged in Source: USA TODAY       Release Date: 2013-07-26

Nowadays, about 20% of homes have home-security systems nationwide. With traditional home-security alarms, homeowners typically turn them on before they leave their homes. The interactive systems enable consumers to arm and disarm systems from smartphones, iPads and PCs, no matter where they are. Suitable for today’s work and life.

Tarik Celebi takes his home security system with him to work, to dinner, just about anywhere he carries his cellphone.

By phone, he "arms" his home-security alarm from his car before he leaves for work — no need to punch buttons on a keypad and hustle out the door before the alarm goes off.

Most traditional systems are set up to sound an alarm if doors or windows are opened. The interactive systems give homeowners more options. On the websites of their home-security providers, for instance, users elect when they want to be notified. For instance, they might want an e-mail or text every time a door is opened, or only during the hours of 3 to 4 p.m. They can also add cameras and get video clips when doors open.