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Mobile Wallet, My Eye: What About My Darned Keys? Source: USA TODAY       Release Date: 2013-09-11

If you’re like me, you check for three things every time you leave home: wallet, keys, phone—tap, tap, tap. But with the growing appeal of mobile payment services like Google Wallet and LevelUp, two of those essentials are beginning to merge. At this point, few feel comfortable actually leaving their wallets at home, but we’re definitely moving in that direction—it’s inevitable, really.

Kisi has a pretty cool product. Essentially, they offer cloud-based building access control. Users can swipe their smartphone over a terminal, share access with friends and family, and grant or revoke employee access. More importantly, what happens if you lose it?

Nio is a small security console that uses Bluetooth to help you geo-locate your devices, or notify you of loss or theft—perfect if you’re like me and lose 20 some-odd keys a year.The appeal is that it works both ways: The small Nio “tag” is hooked on to your keychain and uses Bluetooth to connect with your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. From that end, you can use GPS to geo-locate the Nio. On the other end, you can program Nio to ping the location of your mobile device. The Nio can also ping your phone when it's separated by a certain distance, or you can put it on anti-theft mode, whereby your phone will ring if it’s moved.