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Sanhuan Lock Joined CIL&S for Building a Century Brand Source: CIL&S Expo Office Release date: 2010-6-7

“Recently, we achieved an agreement with Sanhuan Lock in Yantai that the 80th anniversary celebration of Sanhuan Lock will be located in CIL&S, 2010, which will be a major highlight of the expo.” , said the spokesman of the 2010 China International Lock & Security Products Expo (CIL&S).

In October of this year, Sanhuan Lock Company will celebrate its 80th anniversary which will include a series of activities. This celebration will be an opportunity to promote development of the company and it will be the focus of the company schedule in 2010. When Sanhuan Lock Company heard that the world’s second largest hardware show----China International Hardware Show(CHIS’10) and CIL&S expo for locks will be held at the end of September, they decided immediately that they will increase investment and extend the celebration into the expo.

“Sanhuan Lock Company has already booked a more than 100 square meters exhibition booth; it has selected the best set up program and has well-designed the subjects which will be on the show. It will also bring the advertising which will be on CCTV to the expo.” Said the spokes man of CIL&S

Person in charge of Sanhuan Lock Company said: “CIL&S is a great expo with enterprises both from home and abroad where there will be professional audiences with high concentration, and all this make the expo not only a platform for trade, but also a platform for enterprises to show the company’s image and promote its brand. We will surely seize this opportunity. ”

Sanhuan Lock Company is the best lock company in China, and it is also world-renowned. The secret for achieving this result is the good quality of their products, and also the ability to seize opportunities for brand promotion.

This cooperation between Sanhan Lock Company and CIL&S, for its 80th anniversary, is“win-win cooperation”.

CIL&S 2010 will share the platform of CIHS’10. It’s a strong platform: ten years of brand influence, hundred thousands of teams made up by seniors buyers and expertise both home and abroad, also, good brand promotion and buyer organization provided by the organizer. By then, the 80th anniversary of Sanhuan Lock Company and the 10th anniversary of CIHS will be celebrated together. That will be so spectacular.

At present, the CIL&S has attracted more than 300 lock companies and top enterprises from security industry. There are also groups for lock and security products in this show, including companies from Wenzhou, Ningbo, Yongkang, Pujiang, Xiaolan, Shenzhen, etc. They will show their group strength.

About CIL&S

CIL&S is the acronym for China International Locks and Security Products Expo. It’s the thematic exhibition in China International Hardware Show (CIHS), which is the second largest hardware show all around the world. CIL&S will help lock companies to “develop domestic and oversea markets; learn more new techs and promote their own band.” The aim of CIL&S is to make a “barometer” for Chinese lock and security products companies, and provides a “benchmark” for new technique. The Expo will share the strong platform of CIHS’10: ten years of brand influence, hundred thousands of teams made up by seniors buyers and expertise from both home and abroad. Also, it will get good brand promotion and buyer organization provided by the organizer.

CIL&S will be held in Shanghai from September 28 to 30, 2010, together with CIHS’10. At the same time, there will be China International Kitchen & Bathroom Products Expo (CIKB’10) and China International Architectural Hardware Show (CIBHS).