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Anti-theft Doors Companies Improved Quality of Their Products and Throng Round CIL&S Source: CIL&S Expo Office Date:2010-5-24

“In order to go with the current of the development of the hardware industry; enhance the show quality and enrich the meaning of this expo, this year, ’10 China International Hardware Show (CIHS’10)----the second largest hardware show all over the world----carries out the China International Lock and Security Products Expo (CIL&S). CIL&S will take place in Shanghai on September 28, 2010, the same time with CIHS’10. As a result, it will share resources of CIHS, and it will be a great opportunity for those companies that need to improve quality of their anti-theft doors, they can purchase new type and high quality locks during the expo. ” said spokesman of CIL&S.

Locks are key technology for anti-theft door products. For the previous period, there was intensive exposure,about ill-made locks, for example, “Anti-theft door cannot stop theft” and “One key can open several locks.”which make the security door industry is facing great pressure from the public.

“Facing the crisis, many door companies decided to expand channels to purchase locks, thus, improve the standard and quality for the anti-theft door. CIL&S, as a leading national expo for locks and security products, will absolutely attract their attentions. ” said the spokesman of CIL&S.

The spokesman also said that, “In fact, the organizing committee found the increasing need of lock by door companies occasionally. We recently found that a large amount of buyers of locks are anti-theft door companies. They make orders through phone calls and internet. Till now, there are many famous door companies that confirmed they will come to the expo and purchase locks there. They also said that they are interested in the ‘new product’ section in our expo. ”

According to the spokesman, China International Lock and Security Products Expo (CIL&S) is actually a thematic exhibition in CIHS---the second largest hardware show in the world. The Expo will share the strong platform of CIHS’10: ten years of brand influence, hundred thousands of teams full of senior buyers and expertise both home and abroad. Also, it will get good brand promotion and buyer organization provided by the organizer.

Thanks to the buyer resources of CIHS, participants of the CIL&S expo are expected to be over 40000. For now, there are already 3000 oversea buyers, 40% of whom are from Europe and America. There will be a lot of professional visitors, including building material distributor, constructors, and buyers for decorating materials. There will also be companies that make furniture, luggage, safe boxes, doors and windows and famous transnational retail groups such as B&Q, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Home Depot, Kingfisher, LG sourcing, Leroy Merlin, Metro, etc.

There will be a special zone for ‘new products’ in this expo where will set free display platforms and professional models for companies to show their new locks, new technology and new designs. We will invite experts in security industry to serve as judges in the expo and hold a competition for all these new products. We will give out pretty templates for advertising. By doing this, we hope we can accelerate the technique innovation and the upgrade in the lock and security companies. Also, we hope we can help the buyers to make double screening. Buyers can get the latest products from our special zone.

There will be more than 300 top enterprises in the area of locks and security products in this garget show. There will also be groups in this show, including companies from Wenzhou, Ningbo, Yongkang, Pujiang, Xiaolan, Shenzhen, etc. They will show their group strength.