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China International Lock & Security Show (CIL&S) is a thematic exhibition. It helped by the China International Hardware Show (CIHS) which has a 10-year history, 100 thousand professional visitors, 115 thousand square meters of exhibition area. CIL&S, together with CIHS will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall E5 from September 28 to 30, 2010. This show will have special exhibition zones for locks. It not only offers a platform for lock companies, but also creates great chances for manufacturers and buyers to do businesses. There are many exhibitors and a large scale of products. There are also group exhibitors from Yantai, Xiaolan, Pujiang and Wenzhou, which are all famous manufacturing bases of locks in China. All leading companies will be in the show. Besides, there will be new companies with their new products. Compared with the previous expo, this time, exhibition areas have been doubled, and it can be described as “A great meeting for famous enterprises and perfect products”. The 2010’s CIL&S will surely be a “barometer” of market development, a “wind van” of new technologies, and an information station for professional information. It’s a platform for enterprises to show their company spirits and brand images.

Five Features of China International Lock & Security Show 2010

This China International Lock & Security Show (CIL&S) will be held at Shanghai International Expo Center from September 28 to 30. This show is a part of the China International Hardware Show (CIHS) which has a 10-year history, almost 100000 professional visitors and more than 100 thousand square meters of exhibition area. This time, CIL&S will present five new features compared to the previous ones.

First, it has its own thematic exhibition area. CIL&S is one of the key sub-themes of CIHS; it has its own thematic exhibition area in Hall E5. Compared to the previous hardware expos in which locks and other hardware are mixed together, this expo will provide lock companies with better platforms and create a better environment for buyers and manufacturers. All the companies and buyers speak highly of this new feature.

Second, there are more buyers. In order to meet the needs of exhibitors, the organizer of this expo tried harder to invite oversea buyers. It is the first time that they invite buyers before exhibitors, and that will make the expo more effective. Besides that, the organizer has also invited more domestic companies, for example, lock dealers, buyers, real estate developers, and other companies related to security products. Hopefully there will be more buyers in the expo, and both the domestic and oversea market will be enlarged.

Third, the number of exhibitors has been doubled. This year, there are much more exhibitors in CIL&S, including all leading companies and group from industrial bases. Besides, many companies will expand their exhibition area. As a result, both the number of exhibitors and the exhibition area are all twice as much as that of last year.

Fourth, there will be rich products. All the companies will take with them their “fist product”, and they will also show their new technologies and new products of recent years. We will see products with the high intelligence, informational and electrical integration, and bio-recognition technology. This expo will undoubtly be the “wind van” of the new products and new technology in this area.

Fifth, there will be multiple connotations. This year’s expo is not only for the traditional lock companies, but also for the new ones. Besides, well-known lock manufacturers from both home and abroad have already booked in this expo. During this expo, there will be forums for the development of China locks and security products and promotions for new products and technology. The target of this expo is to be effective, innovative and splendid.


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